Obama and his administration are mired in muck up to their eyebrows. So much that he is shouting, “Don’t make waves! Don’t make waves!” Here’s what is going on.

The IRS going after 300 tea party organizations and conservatives. The Justice Department secretly digging into AP phone records and going after a Fox News reporter.

Eight people are under investigation in the State Department. The ambassador to Belgium has been embarrassed with sex allegations involving prostitutes and minors.

People high up in management are trying to squash the investigation. Kathleen Sebelius, head honcho of Health and Human Services, has been trying to hit on private firms soliciting money for Obamacare.

Eric Holder, the attorney general has been stonewalling on Fast and Furious. ATF agents had their weapons taken away from them, then demoted and re-assigned because they were whistle blowers.

The director of intelligence has not been forth coming to the Senate Investigating Committee about the NSA collecting data on Americans.


Tens of thousands of veterans cannot get treatment or medicine.

And the inquiries into what happened in Benghazi has been met with silence or lies in an inept cover-up. One high ranking official was demoted because he dared to speak up. And what was Obama doing from 5 o’clock that afternoon when he disappeared until he showed up in Las Vegas the next day for a fundraiser? And, who gave the order to stand down? Four Americans were killed. All this from the man who said he has the most transparent administration in history.

Roland Preble


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