My self-expression about immigration reform has been stymied because I’ve been afraid I’d vomit on my keyboard.

The all-out effort by America’s extreme pro-business interests to load up the immigration bill supports their goal to extract as much as they can from wherever they can with absolutely no concern about consequences.

NAFTA was billed as a way to increase trade, resulting in Americans jobs. Then jobs went east and south as the corporate world’s go-to guys at the Chambers of Commerce made sure that the minimum wage didn’t rise, the unions were decimated, and the income gap between average Americans and the 1 percent set new records.

Now, the technology companies — such as Apple and Facebook — are fiercely lobbying for an increase of foreign workers whose skills they wish to exploit.

Are Americans less intelligent? Or is it just less of an investment to import talent rather than train Americans? Several items on their agenda are particularly perverse. They not only want to dramatically increase temporary hi-tech workers, but also to increase the minimum wage they must be paid. Hmmm: but no increase for Americans?

And lastly — and quickly, before I ruin my keyboard — there’s an amendment that would allow an “entrepreneur” to obtain eligibility for permanent American citizenship by investing $250,000. What a stench.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not at all anti-foreigner. We were all foreigners not that long ago. I just hate to watch my fellow citizens fall into poverty because of the lies, manipulation and greed of the 1 percent.

Chris Wright


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