As the grandfather of a Maine toddler, I want to thank the newspapers for the reporting about what the LePage administration has done to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Maine has a proud history in environmental protection; we have some of the country’s real success stories in cleaning up rivers. Following the state motto Dirigo (I lead), we have led the country in protecting our citizens from environmental hazards.

Yet, as you document, the current administration is eager to put corporate profits ahead of children’s health. It is time that we protect our most important natural resource — our young children.

I call on Maine’s parents and grandparents to help change the priorities of our state’s government through our letters, our calls and our votes. I call on all our legislators — Republicans and Democrats and independents — to take action about the governor’s use of chemical industry lobbyists to run the DEP. Children are more important than profits.

Stan Davis


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