I have been hearing a lot about people complaining about the National Security Agency listening in on phone calls, computers, spy satellites, etc.

People complain the government should have stopped this or that before it happened. The only way one can stop anything is if they know it is going to happen. What people call spying on us is what is keeping us safe.

Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere, at any time unless we have intel about them in advance.

The NSA, Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security and other agencies that no one knows about are doing their best to keep America safe.

The average person does not know what goes on behind the scenes.

We should be thankful, not angry. We need to let these agencies do their jobs so they can find the enemy that lives around us.


I think the ones who complain about this have something they don’t want others to know. Stopping this would give the enemy the upper hand.

Edward Snowden has put this country in more danger.

I am ex-millitary and know you have to have intel to know what is going to happen where, when and how. Take this away and all hell could break loose.

Sonny Perry


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