WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center announces its fourth-quarter honor roll. Students from Lawrence High School, Messalonskee High School, Waterville Senior High School and Winslow High School attend the center.

Automotive collision repair — high honors: Jacob Brown and Brittnie Lawler, both of LHS; Jayme Saulter, of WSHS; Dustin Fitch, of WHS.

Honors: William Durand and Quinten Turcotte, of LHS; Julie Steiner, of MHS; Andrew Baldwin, Justin Farwell and Zachary Lahneman, all of WSHS; Joshua Wilde, Paul Willette and Dylan Wood, of WHS.

Automotive technology — honors: Kristopher Denis, of LHS; Kalib Bernatchez, Brian Grivois, Dylan Stevens and Christopher Turner, all of MHS.

Culinary arts — high honors: Drew Jones and Lynsey McKeen, both of LHS; Aiyana Cain, of WSHS.

Honors: Alexander Hamlin, Karessa Paquette and Abigail Poulin, all of LHS; Aaron Bard, of MHS; Rebecca Pelotte and Sacharis Tirado, both of WSHS; Crystal Cunningham and Victoria Harvey, both of WHS.

Construction technology — high honors: Zachary Leighton and Molly Moen, both of LHS; Alexander Barns, Brian Massey, Corey McKenzie and Dakota Witham, all of MHS; Benjamin Wehry and Samuel Wehry, both of WSHS.

Honors: Kyle LeClair, of LHS; Antonio Bellavance and Tylen Pooler, both of MHS.

Digital graphics — high honors: Megan McAvoy, of MHS; Ceira Emerson-Moody, of WSHS.

Honors: Ryan Hinkson, of MHS; Alan Brickett and Samantha Jamison, both of WSHS.

Early childhood education — high honors: Allison Colson, of LHS; Nicole Collier, of MHS; Kassey Kreer, of WSHS; Loreli Rich and Tamerlaine Seamans, both of WHS.

Honors: Victoria Blaisdell and Erica Petrie, both of LHS; Alexis Dobos and Rajel Hippler, both of MHS; Elizabeth Denis, Ashley Hunter and Teakesha Sanford, all of WSHS; Reagan Cain and Haley Small, both of WHS.

Emergency services — high honors: Rachyl Clement, of MHS; Paul Mann, of WSHS.

Honors: Adrianna Fortier, of LHS; Roger Green and Caelin Kelsey, both of MHS; Hannah Allen and Amber Bowles, both of WSHS; Kelsie Moore, of WHS.

Electrical technology — high honors: Edward Blake and Spencer Sweatt, both of LHS; Sheridan Gustin and Christopher Trembly, both of MHS; Leland Bradford, of WHS.

Honors: Zachary Alley, of LHS; Jacob Archer, Alisha Biddle and Kyle Howard, all of MHS; Robert Gaskey, of WAlt; Brian Belows, Evan Thurlow and Brandon York, all of WSHS; Jonahan Farrell and Cody Speropolous, both of WHS.

CTE Academy — honors: Abigayle Collier, Tristian Jennings and Kenedy Petersen, all of MHS; Kacy Boutot, of WHS.

Information technology — high honors: Collin Knox and Dallas Shores, both of MHS; Jacob Montgomery, of WSHS.

Honors: Aaron Audet, of LHS; Samantha Bonczyk and Codey Seavey, both of MHS; Michael Pratt, of WSHS; Ryan King and Daniel Paradis, of WHS.

Mass media communications — high honors: Anthony Dimarco, John Rohner, Joseph Dionne and Taylor Crawford, all of MHS; Alexander Munroe, James Robe and Jaymes Riley, both of WSHS; Kyle Gravel and Miles Welsh, both of WHS.

Honors: Jonathan Cook, of MHS; Connor Chapman, and Jordan Hachey, both of WHS.

Medical careers — high honors: Sarah Brazz, Mariah Bryant, Jessica Fullerton, Mercedes Roy, Kai Smith, Zigmunt Strenznewski and Hanna Turgeon, all of MHS; Kelsey Marcia, of WAlt; Jenna Bryer and Sarah Cabana, both of WSHS; Kayleigh Holbrook, of WHS.

Honors: Jade Ames and Molly Bell, both of LHS; Chelsea Thyng and Emma Vieta, both of MHS; Emily Cabana, Victoria Corrigan, Jenna Gagnon, Lindsey Giggey and Marisa Jolicoeur, all of WSHS; Raven Reynolds, of WHS.

Precision machining — high honors: Dylan Gagne, Matthew Haney and Zachary Simpson, all of MHS; Logan Hewes and Eric Petito, both of WHS.

Honors: Dakota Allard, Brenden Bouchard, Nicholas Cummings, Corey Martin, Blake Philbrick, Lewis Ryder and Justin Tillson, all of MHS; Gregory Manocchio and Cameron Tibbetts, both of WHS.

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