Paula Deen is getting unfairly skewered by both her sponsors and the press, and I want to raise a strong protest.

I do not totally endorse her cooking methods, but this business of crucifying her for a racial term she used 30 years ago puts me completely off my feed-bag.

Back in those days, racist terms were commonly used in everyday conversation by just about everyone, both in the south and here in the north. I would not for a moment tolerate that language today — or, for that matter, the prejudice it represents — but this virulent anti-Deen dust-up is utter nonsense.

I could understand if some healthy-weight organization was hassling Deen for her cooking style, but this whole issue of her language from 30 years ago is so stupid it makes me wonder what is really behind the hoopla.

What am I missing here?

David L. Mitchell


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