The mainstream media constantly remind us that the military is protecting our “freedoms.” I suppose the military is doing this by going to many countries and destroying their governments, which might come here and take away our “freedoms.”

Just what freedoms would these be?

They might pass laws that restrict our movements, such as making sure we have the proper ID to get on a plane, purchase a gun or get certain types of medical care and many other activities that went uncontrolled a few generations ago.

These terrible “foreigners” might put armed guards and screeners at our train stations, public buildings, airports and even our schools. They might put video cameras at every street corner to watch us. If this weren’t enough, they might use satellites and drones to watch and listen to us — even inside our homes. These “evil-doers” might intimidate journalists from getting to the truth and reporting that truth.

These “foreign devils” might even intercept and record every word that every US citizen speaks on a phone or sends on an electronic device — without a warrant.

If anyone, maybe a man named Edward Snowden, caught these guys doing this and reported them, that guy would be labeled a traitor by a government leader. (According to, an online news agency, Ron Paul thinks that our federal government will try to kill Snowden, a whistle-blower, with a drone.)

All this freedom-stealing is happening today. And who’s doing it? Not “foreign devils,” but U.S. alphabet agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and even local PDs (police departments). All friends and partners of the military and which have ex-military among their members. These freedom-stealers are very ones we trust to protect our freedom.

Peter P. Sirois, Madison

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