I received a letter the other day from MaineToday Media Inc. that said that, as a valued subscriber, I need to pay more, beginning July 1, toward the costs of creating, printing and delivering the newspaper that I receive, the Kennebec Journal.

Increased costs of producing a product is pretty much the norm these days. I just wish the benefits of me continuing my subscription would be worth the increased costs.

The Kennebec Journal, delivered to my home about 3 a.m. daily, continues to “stop the presses” so early, that any news or sporting event that goes past 10 p.m. does not get published in the next day’s paper, except Saturday night, for Sunday’s paper. Why can’t Saturday’s publication practices happen the same way every night?

While I appreciate my carriers’ delivery service, I don’t need to receive my paper at 3 a.m. daily. I would be very pleased to receive it at 5 a.m., if it meant the difference of getting the latest possible sports and news reporting, as happens on Sundays.

The last sentence in the “price increase” letter I received reads, “We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy producing it for you each day.” I, for one, would enjoy reading it more each day if it contained later daily sports and news stories.

Gary O. Barrett


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