AUGUSTA — Cony High School has announced the awards, prizes and scholarships presented to the class of 2013 during Cony Award assemblies and Class Day.

Alice Reynolds Scholarship: Kristin Lapointe.

Anastasia Schneider Memorial Fund for talent and achievement in music: Meghan Jellison, Melissa Petersen and Michelle Zhang.

Arion Music Award for a deserving member of band: Zoe Barlow.

Arion Music Award for a deserving member of chorus: Kaite Perry.

Arlene Lipman Memorial Scholarship to the highest ranking graduate of Hodgkins Middle School: Arianna Castonguay.

Art Department Scholarship: Sancia Coco and Alicia Tilsley.

Athletic Watch Award for those seniors who received nine or more varsity letters: Erin Bolduc, Luke Dang, Lindsey Folsom, Samuel Hopkins, Zachary Lachance, Josie Lee, Tyler Leet, Melissa Petersen and Chandler Shostak.

B. Louise Davis Webber Art Scholarship: Miranda Lessard.

The Bank of Maine Scholarship: Erin Whitney.

Barbara Hughes Hanson Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Doyle.

Bethlehem Lodge 35 A.F. & A.M. Scholarship: Zoe Barlow.

Butch Champagne Memorial Scholarship: Westley Benner.

Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — Albert “Pete” Gagne Scholarship: Leyna Tobey.

Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — Armand Beaulieu: Alicia Tilsley.

Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — In memory of Arnold Selwood: Laurel Whipkey.

Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — Robert Fuller Scholarship: Arianna Castonguay and Nathan Doyle.

Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — Gerald R. Rancourt Scholarship: Nathan Doyle.

Calumet Educational and Literary Foundation — Maureen Redman Rodrigue Memorial Scholarship: Samuel Birch and Michelle Zhang.

Capilo Institute Scholarship: Heather Russell and Alexsandra Orio.

Central Maine Power Iberdrola Scholarship: Laurel Whipkey.

Charles J. Arbor Scholarship: Mckenzie Green.

Charles McGrail Scholarship: Andrew Raymond.

Chelsea Elementary School Virginia Katon Memorial Award: John Swan.

Chrisanne Burns Memorial Scholarship: Josie Lee and Shayna Perkins.

Class of 1938 Scholarship: Emily Simonton.

Class of 1943 Scholarship: Margaret Priest.

Coach Kenney Cony Ice Hockey Leadership Honorary Scholarship: Dallas Clark.

Cony Family Fund Scholarship: Jenna Harwood.

Cony High School Scholarship and Student Aid Fund Award: Anastasia Bickford and Ashley Couverette.

Director’s Award for Chorus: Melissa Petersen and Christine Waller.

E.A. Hussey Award: Samuel Birch and Melissa Petersen.

Ebbie S. Brooks Prize: Josie Lee.

Edward E. Gage Family Scholarship Trust Fund: Lina Tan and Samantha Wilson.

Edward I. Albling Prize: Leyna Tobey.

Elinor Newman and Ernest H. Grant Award: Arianna Castonguay and Elisha Glusker.

Esther Dachslager Scholarship: Samuel Birch.

Ethel J. Viles Scholarship: Laurel Whipkey.

Foreign Language Association of Maine Award: Luke Dang.

Frank Hewins, Jr. Prize: Emily Simonton.

French Book Award: Laurel Whipkey and Erin Whitney.

French Club Scholarship: Erin Whitney.

Gardiner Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Zachary Lachance.

Gardiner-Augusta Lion’s Club Scholarship: John Beeckel.

Gaslight Theatre Award: Anastasia Bickford

Geoffrey Brown Memorial Book Award: Erin Whitney.

Geoffrey F. Brown Scholarship: Jack Brannigan.

George A. and Joseph J. Wathen Memorial Scholarship: Melissa Petersen.

James Marchildon Scholarship: Jack Brannigan.

Jean Radsky Foundation Scholarship: Kimberly Say.

Jerome H. Barnett Award: Zachary Lachance.

Joan Bridge Scholarship: Elicia Nickerson.

John Manter Award: Josie Lee and Chandler Shostak.

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Michelle Zhang.

Jon Crockett Memorial Scholarship: Dallas Clark.

Joshua Wilson Memorial Scholarship: Elicia Nickerson.

Judy Patenaude Scholarship: Meghan Jellison.

Karen Carey Scholarship: Spencer Aube.

Kiwanis Club of Augusta Scholarship: Arianna Castonguay and Victoria Lovejoy.

Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship: Sonja Morse.

Lawrence Harold Leighton Memorial Scholarship: Bradley Wing.

Lawrence Soule Memorial Scholarship: Lijia Au.

Lee Herbert Leighton Memorial Scholarship: Zoe Barlow.

Liyanage-Don Family Memorial Scholarship: John Beeckel and Anastasia Bickford.

Lou Ochmanski Scholarship: Keith Cloutier.

Loyal Cony Supporter Award in memory of Dorothy Giddings: Samuel Hopkins.

Mabel A. Richmond Prize: Mckenzie Green.

Mabel Thompson Art Award: Darien Thiesfeldt.

Maine Community College System Early College for ME: Brittany Manson, Kyle Murray and Hannah Tobias.

Maine Principals’ Award: Michelle Zhang.

Maine State Credit Union Scholarship: Jenna Harwood, Josie Lee and Margaret Priest.

Maine Veteran’s Home Resident Council Scholarship: Mckenzie Green.

Mallary Dulac Memorial Scholarship: Lindsey Kalloch and Kevie Rodrigue.

Marion Damren Leonard Scholarship: Lijia Au.

Mary O’Connell Memorial Scholarship: Mikaela Flewelling.

Meylon Grant Kenney Academic & Athletic Excellence Honorary Scholarship: Lindsey Folsom.

Michaud Family Scholarship: Lindsey Folsom.

2013 Mitchell Scholarship from the Sen. George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute: Jack Brannigan.

National Association of Women in Construction Eastern Maine Chapter 329: Bradley Wing.

National School Choral Award: Samuel Birch and Leyna Tobey.

Nora E. Jackson Scholarship Fund: Kristin Lapointe.

Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award: Zoe Barlow and Meghan Jellison.

Philippe Michaud Award: Jack Brannigan.

Raymond Falconi Scholarship: Josie Lee.

Richard Ayotte Chizzle Wizzle Scholarship: Melissa Petersen.

Richard McGuire Scholarship: Zachary Lachance and Chandler Shostak.

Richard Moreau Memorial Soccer Scholarship: Luke Dang and Kaite Perry.

Robert D. Whytock Scholarship: Leyna Tobey.

Robert P. and Gladys M. Sawyer Scholarship: Elisha Glusker and John Swan.

Ronald “Hoppy” Hopkins Memorial Scholarship: Samuel Hopkins.

Sally Pike Memorial Fund: Samuel Birch.

Sandra Lipman Art Scholarship: Rebecca Sproul.

Scot Laliberte Memorial Scholarship: Erin Bolduc.

Skowhegan Savings Bank Scholarship: Dalton McKenna.

Spanish Book Award: Elicia Nickerson.

Spanish Club Scholarship: Jack Brannigan.

St. Mark’s Scholarship: Christine Waller.

Tardiff/Fine Scholarship Fund: Molly Russell.

Ted and Mildred Zientara Memorial Scholarship: Cody Kirk.

Theresa Brannigan Award: Kevie Rodrigue.

Thomas Bishop Scholarship: Dylane Saylor.

Town of China Doris L.Young Scholarship: Sonja Morse.

Tri-Athlete Award: Erin Bolduc, Luke Dang, Kyle Elvin, Lindsey Folsom, Josie Lee, Melissa Petersen and Chandler Shostak.

Tyler/Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship: Leyna Tobey.

United States Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award: Westley Benner and Molly Russell.

United States Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Lijia Au and Samuel Hopkins.

United States Marines Corps “Semper Fidelis” award for musical excellence: Melissa Petersen and Michelle Zhang.

University of Maine Black Bear Scholarship: Ashley Couverette, Elisha Glusker, Mckenzie Green and Dalton McKenna.

University of Maine Blue and White Award: Luke Dang.

University of Maine Presidential Scholarship: Arianna Castonguay.

University of Maine Recognition Award: Jack Brannigan.

Walter and Anne Zientara Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Doyle,

William H. and Allie M. Garside English Prize: Samuel Hopkins and Rebecca Sproul.

Woody Herman Jazz Award: Chelsie Morgan.

Capital Area Technical Center Recognition Day

Automotive Technology Tool Award: Westley Benner and Alex Boucher.

American Culinary Federation Award: Angela Butler.

CATC School-Wide Scholarship: Rebekah Rideout.

China Dine-ah Scholarship: Angela Butler.

Culinary Arts Scholarship: Angela Butler and Natasha St. Pierre.

Early Childhood Occupations Scholarship: Rebekah Rideout and Dylane Saylor.

G & E Roofing Scholarship: Bradley Wing.

Law Enforcement Professionalism Award: Sonja Morse.

Machine Tool Technology and Welding Fabrication Scholarship: John Beeckel, Alec Beland and Westley Benner.

Maine Community College System Early College for ME: Alex Boucher and Molly Daniel.

Spirit of Technical Education Award: Alex Boucher.

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