This letter is an attempt at respect. While I strongly oppose both the governor’s positions and behavior, I am reminded that he is the governor of the state of Maine.

The office deserves a serious level of respect.

That respect needs to be understood and exercised by all citizens.

The governor suggesting he would tell the president of the United States to go to hell, advising staff to tell the NAACP to kiss his butt because they were persistent in their invitation to speak on Martin Luther King Day, calling the president of the Senate a spoiled brat and the most recent vulgar comments about a state senator are all acts of disrespect to positions that deserve respect and decorum.

That said, our governor must understand that he must respect the office that he holds, its citizens and the state of Maine’s reputation.

Those of us that disagree deserve his respect, too.

Respect is earned, not simply bestowed. Let’s give it a try.

James Betts


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