I was watching WLBZ news on television recently and saw Rep. Dennis Keschl, R-Belgrade, speaking at a legislative meeting about Maine’s budget veto. During that piece, I saw something that was wrong and insulting.

While Keschl was standing and speaking, he deserved the respect of his fellow representatives to listen. Instead, I saw a female representative using a cellphone. To her left, a male representative was using a laptop computer.

Why would these individuals not give proper attention to their fellow representative?

Why did they think it was appropriate to use these electronic devices while their attention should have been placed on Keschl and concentrating on doing the people’s work?

Why did these people feel it was a good choice to disrespect a fellow representative who was trying to be heard?

I do not know Keschl, nor do I know either of these two representatives in question, but it was clear to me that he did not get the respect due him from his peers.

Keschl deserves apologies from both of these people and perhaps from more.

Many people today make fantasy real and reality fantasy. It is troubling to see good people get sucked into a fake world where any honesty is taken as insulting or rude when that is not the case in many instances.

If our elected leaders have no power to stop themselves from acting inappropriately in Augusta, then is it possible that they may not have control their lives outside of their work place?

Now, we should ask why some children act like fools. Maybe because their moms and dads act like fools.

Mark Pantermoller


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