Two hundred people were left homeless due to arson, and the governor didn’t offer them anything, claiming we had no contingency fund.

It isn’t just about money. He could have said, “Let’s see what we can do” or offer them a glimmer of hope in desperate times, but he didn’t.

He has, however:

* Alienated people who educate our children.

* Insulted our children.

* Made light of people who are concerned about chemicals in their environment (remember the “little mustache” comment.)


* Insulted the hard working people of Maine.

Instead of helping 70,000 people who need medical insurance, he chooses to ignore them. Maybe he thinks they will go away. A 90/10 split with the Feds sounds like a good deal to me. What alternative do these people have?

Instead of leading the House and Senate to a convergence of ideas, he alienated the Democrats and ranking members of his own party, too. He calls people idiots, and bans the press from what should be open government.

He has no respect for the president, no self-respect either. He uses vulgarity and is crude, obnoxious and crass.

He vetoed a bill that would protect our youth from the hazards of tanning and cigarette smoke, saying, “Parents know what is best for their children.” Kind of like how his parents knew what was best for him, right?

We need to vote this man out of office as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Leadership isn’t just balancing the budget; it is about taking care of citizens, environment and, yes, the budget, too. Leadership means honor, courage, decency, intelligence, compassion.

Gov. Paul LePage exhibits none of the above. Maine should cringe at the thought of him running for another term. He certainly will not get my vote.

Daryl Ortiz-Mashke


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