I know the elections are over, but I do want to wish the best to Phyllis Weeks in her retirement, even though it wasn’t her choice.

Also the best to Debbie Barry, who applied for Weeks’ job but was denied.

Weeks and Barry were two of the best clerks any town could have. I believe they know more than all the selectmen together.

I wish the new clerk, Rose Webster, all the best and hope everyone else will also, as she will need it.

I was disappointed there were no flowers in the flower pots at the monument during the Memorial Day service. What an insult to all those who served in the military.

The American Legion Post 4 from Gardiner has performed the Memorial Day service each year since the monument was built in 2003. They deserve a thank you, also the firefighters for putting up the flags along Maine Avenue.

Our town has gone astray with the recent infighting. If some in town don’t start working together for what is best for the town and not themselves, our taxes will increase and a lot will not be able to live in Farmingdale.

Barbara Smith


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