As a Maine citizen of French ancestry, I am embarrassed beyond words with our governor’s behavior.

Just when I think it can’t get any worse; it does. Gov. Paul LePage is really a very sad, pathetic, insecure person who keeps making a complete fool of himself along with the state he represents.

It reminds me of another time in our country when Sen. Joe McCarthy went around bullying and intimidating people by accusing them of being communists, reds and pinkos.

Finally, a Maine senator, Margaret Chase Smith, stood up to him in the Senate with her “Declaration of Conscience.”

Her words started the ball rolling and eventually people just walked out of the Senate whenever he spoke. He died in disgrace.

William Proxmire gained his seat and apologized for him saying: “McCarthy was a disgrace to Wisconsin, to the Senate and to America.” Proxmire served Wisconsin, with distinction, for 32 years in the Senate. In November 2014, we Maine voters will have our opportunity to take back our dignity and pride for our state and its hard working people by voting LePage out of office and a dedicated statesperson in.

We have had many distinguished people represent us in the past, and we will again. Until then, we must bide our time and not fall into the gutter with him.

Amanda Proctor


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