It certainly warms the cockles of my heart to hear that so many devoted Morning Sentinel readers are upset with Gov. Paul LePage, not to mention the paper’s editorial board.

I had no idea there were so many sensitive souls among us who get a case of the vapors every time the governor speaks. Why to hear them tell it, they themselves must never have uttered a cross or off-colored remark in their lives.

I’m surrounded by perpetually offended saints. Who knew? I guess when they see anyone reacting in an un-Gandhi like way to maddening situations they’ll be the first to break out their stern look of disapproval and put a stop to that behavior immediately.

It does my heart good to know there are those among us willing to look over our shoulders closely enough to offer constructive criticism about everything we do or say.

I guess it does take a village — a village of blue-nosed busybodies who are so neurotic in their own lives that they can’t help but pass judgment on the rest of us. The thought and speech police are flexing their politically correct voices and muscles to micromanage every aspect of our lives.

Anyone care to hear a dirty joke? Where would we be without them?

Jerry Bono


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