Following the recent unsavory comments by Paul LePage, I thought it would be interesting to observe the public reactions to the hurried news of this event.

As I visited different websites and read the newspaper, I noticed that many negative comments toward LePage were as rude or ruder than his comments. This led me to think that maybe all these vile commentators should look in the mirror, then tell themselves, “I am a flesh and blood human being just like Paul LePage.” All human beings make mistakes in their lives.

I have read the Kennebec Journal for many years and never have I seen such one-sided stories against a governor.

Stories about Medicaid expansion make sure to point out that the governor is “denying” health care to ten of thousands of Mainers, without mentioning that this cost is piled on top of what is about to a nearly $17 trillion national debt. This debt represents the bondage of future generations. And by bondage, I mean financial slavery.

The Kennebec Journal also seems to feature an overabundance of hate editorials about LePage, so I would not be surprised if this letter never saw the light of day.

Your editorial writer specializes in bashing LePage in almost every way possible and ended his last masterpiece by telling the governor to “shut up.” How polite. Actually, kinda sounds like bullying.

I myself take offense to another type of rhetoric. It is the rhetoric that says we can have “free health care.” There is no such thing. There is no “free” money from Washington. This type of rhetoric is an intentional lie and insulting.

Tobey McAfee


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