VIENNA — The Vienna Historical Society will present plays which portray the foibles and eccentricities of small-town life. The performances will take place Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. in Vienna Union Hall, and at 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, July 27.Admission cost $6. Refreshments will be provided by Mill Stream Grange.

Brent Smith, of Farmington, will lead everyone in old-time songs, and perhaps a dance or two.

“Loving Minister Argues Boundaries” is a series of four short and slightly related plays about how each of us encounter new people, new generations, and new experiences. To the tradition of Vienna Historical Society plays, they contain a love story and a run-in with people from away, as well as local gossip and disagreement. The writer/director is Cheryl Herr-Rains.

The cast includes: Don Petersen, Wendy Oakley, Quimby Robinson, Tom Ward, Pat Onion, Rocio Carey, Kathy Stern, Alice Olson, Tim Davis and Chris Crocker. The cast is supported by Dodi Thompson as co-director, Muffy Floyd as script assistant, Judd Derbyshire as set builder, and Polly and Bear Blake as set painters.

The second play of the evening, “Emma’s Ad,” is set at a Vienna farmhouse in the early decades of the 1900s. It was written by Beverly Wight Smith, who plays the role of Emma, and it is directed by Carole O’Connell. The cast also includes, Steve Mallen, Carole O’Connell, Judy Dunn, Clyde Dyar, Kitty Gee, Pam Bean, Ashley Emery and Eileen Lord.

Emma, an unmarried woman, opines that she would like to have a horse to use around the farm, as she already owns a wagon, sleigh and pung. Her helpful neighbor suggests that she would probably have good luck if she placed an ad in the paper. While they are discussing this option, Emma’s niece, Mary Ann, enters and hears only part of the conversation. Riotous mistakes and double entendres ensue as Mary Ann tells everyone that Emma is placing a personal ad for a man.

Admission cost $6; refreshments will be provided by the Mill Stream Grange.

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