As a person who values access to healthy food, I have become very concerned about the toxic chemical bisphenol-A, which is found in many linings of cans and jars and gets into the food that we eat.

This year, the Maine Legislature had the opportunity to help people like me find out which foods contain BPA so that we can avoid it.

L.D. 1181 would have required the largest food manufacturers to disclose their use of BPA in cans and jars. This would have made a big difference to me, and especially to families with children.

Sadly, L.D. 1181 was vetoed by Gov. Paul LePage, and an override of that veto fell just a few votes short.

I would like to thank my representatives in the Legislature, Sen. Patrick Flood, R-Winthrop, and Rep. Gay Grant, D-Gardiner, for standing up for children’s health by supporting L.D. 1181.

This is about our right to information about a toxic chemical in our food supply. While I am disappointed with the outcome this time, I know that the effort to protect kids from BPA in their foods is not over.

Judith A. Dorsey


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