I read with interest Buddy Doyle’s response “Maine’s Captain Queeg’s gotta go, mateys” to my letter “Sen. Katz worse than Gov. Paul LePage”.

My letter never excused the governor’s blunt style. Nor was my letter about sin, because we are all sinners. My letter was more about what the KJ excerpted. My scripture reference had to do with people who feign a desirably approved attitude but whose actions demonstrate otherwise. Yes, I had the senator in mind. Readers should see the full text of Matthew 7:3-5. It should be disturbing to all when the KJ censors scripture. Can we anticipate a politically correct rewrite of the Bible? Also, my letter was not about God’s approval of handing out campaign buttons, but the venue where Katz handed out the campaign buttons, a fundraiser for cancer survivors.

While Doyle does tout the senator’s good manners, I too, will echo those sentiments. Every time I have dealt with Katz he has always been well mannered and most polite and those traits have served him well. But politeness and manners do not justify morphing a cancer fundraiser into a political campaign. Such actions raise more questions about one’s character than a blunt plain talking person, the likes of our governor.

While Doyle expresses concern how Mainers must feel about disparaging discourse emanating from the governor being fodder for late night comedians, as an American does he lose sleep when Jay Leno comments about President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden? Was he outraged when Biden whispered the f bomb into the president’s ear after Obamacare passed? All the president did was grin and pat the VP on the shoulder.

To avoid the fodder would a Governor Katz have David Letterman as his chief of staff?

David Alexander


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