I would like to inform everyone who drives here in Maine. Road construction is part of life. We all complain when roads are bad, yet we do the same during repairs. Please keep in mind those doing this job are making sure the roads are in best conditions before we can drive on it. Many roads are paved over, while others are dug up, corrected then paved over again.

The only thing you as a driver can do to make your commute easier is to leave earlier or take a different route to the place you need to be. If you are not sure what roads are under construction, look online. Also for those who think it’s funny to scare or hurt a flagger just remember they are there to protect you against oncoming traffic. Take it slow through sites as well. When there is an accident that causes a huge traffic jam. We don’t need anymore incidents here in Maine so be safe while on the roads.

Adrien Gogan


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