I am writing in response to Ed Goff’s letter, “Military recruiters’ bill shouldn’t have failed” (July 18).

I agree that this should never have failed, or been an issue to begin with. As a supportive and proud Marine mother I am disgusted with the disrespect for our military.

Until a person has set foot on Parris Island, S.C., and seen the dignity, self-esteem and the pride that the Marines instill in our young recruits, they should be ashamed of themselves to discourage the opportunity for recruitment of our future soldiers.

This bill is a slap in face to our military, as our soldiers serve in disgusting living conditions. They are hot, sleep-deprived and thousands of miles away from home and family. My son is serving in Afghanistan, and I have not yet heard him complain. In spite of everything, he is so proud and honored to serve our country.

I challenge anyone to ask any unemployed kid if keeping military recruiters out of their school did them any good.

No matter what bill Democrats try to pass that affects the military in a negative way, my Marine has your back, and is proud and honored to protect you and your family. Thank you to my son, and to all who serve. It is because of people like them that we can enjoy our freedom in this beautiful country.

Stacey Morin


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