BOURBON, Mo. — Residents of a small eastern Missouri town are on edge after two large boa constrictors escaped from a home.

A 10-foot-long female escaped three weeks ago, possibly from an open window in the trailer where it lived near Bourbon. A 9½-foot male escaped Sunday night, KSDK-TV reported.

The trailer park offers plenty of hiding spaces, such as crawl spaces under every trailer and surrounding woods.

Reluctant officers from the Crawford County sheriff’s office searched the trailer Monday and found two sizable snake skins, which showed the snakes spent time loose in the trailer.

Resident Chris Thoms said he was put off by the snake escape.

“On a scale of one to 10, I’m about a 22,” said Thoms. “None of the neighbors even knew they had snakes, let alone that they had escaped. So that was pretty annoying.”

Both snakes are red tailed boa constrictors. They are not venomous but are still dangerous, said Lynn Fitzgerald, owner of Riverside Wildlife Center in Stanton, Mo.

Authorities say that every trailer in the neighborhood has a crawl space beneath it. Woods surround the trailer park, so finding the escaped snakes is a tall task. Police say the snakes may be hungry and searching for food.

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