I have carefully considered all the criticism concerning my letter addressing the Affordable Care Act. Sadly, I believe that most have completely misunderstood my position.

Far be it from me to ever discourage charity toward the “least of these” in the United States or around the world! Contrary to the perceptions of some who have responded, I am a strong believer in helping those in need. We have had the homeless into our home, and I have spent nights on the streets with them.

The first eight years of my marriage were spent being involved in Christian missions. Missions were my life. I’ve had the opportunity to see the world. My wife and I spent time in former Soviet orphanages, where children were literally chained to their beds because there are not enough health care workers available to meet their needs.

I’ve been into mountainous regions of Central America where drug cartels are in control, and people driving down the road could be met by people carrying automatic weapons. I’ve visited former Soviet “nursing homes,” where people are thrown away like garbage.

Why do I mention this? Certainly not to boast, because boasting is foolish. I say this because I have had a rare opportunity to see parts of the world that few here in Maine have seen.

I’ve seen the results of Marxist policies firsthand. I believe America is moving in that direction step by step. I love “the least of these” and have dedicated my life to serving them. While it may seem “loving” to move down the road of socialism, don’t be deceived. I’ve lived in the endgame. This nation is too great to lose to such ideologies.

If we lose America to this “change,” no one will be helped. May God save this nation.

Jeremy Hiltz


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