I’m writing this letter in regard to the break-in at Randolph United Methodist Church on Aug. 21.

The culprits gained entry through a window in the sanctuary and took anything they wanted. These items included a large television used for Bible study, the pastor’s computer, two brass collection plates, two choir microphones and stand, and a small recorder belonging to the pastor that she used to record her sermons. They even helped themselves to some cookies in the refrigerator.

When they had all they wanted, the thieves left through an emergency exit door in the sanctuary, leaving it wide open. They even left the pastor a note outside her office door; “Pray for Satan.” That tells you what kind of people they were! Violating a church!

It is extremely difficult for small churches to keep their heads above water with expenses so high these days. We have a $1,000 deductible on our insurance, so this is really going to put us in the hole, buying the pastor another computer, television for Bible study, and replacing the microphones.

Anyone who knows anything about who might have done this criminal deed is asked to call the local sheriff’s office.

Bette Seymour, treasurer

Administrative assistant

Randolph United Methodist Church

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