In a time when budget cuts dig deep into services for children, it’s particularly wonderful when a school department steps up on behalf of its students to ensure they have opportunities to reach their potential, especially when those opportunities extend beyond the school year.

Since 1974, Camp Susan Curtis has provided transformational learning opportunities for economically disadvantaged Maine children ages 8-17, developing in them a foundation for lifelong achievement. All the programs at this unique residential camp are paid for by the generosity of donors, but transportation to and from is typically the responsibility of the family.

For many low-income families across Maine, transportation to southern Oxford County is impossible, and their children go without this life-changing experience. Fewer and fewer families in the Waterville area have had the resources to get to camp in recent years.

This year, however, nearly 30 Waterville children had a great time learning critical habits and skills because Kennebec Valley Consolidated Schools stepped up. The school district offered a bus and the needed support when it learned that Waterville children were missing out on the camp’s transformational programs.

Since the children of Camp Susan Curtis return year after year, the district already has committed to continuing this important partnership. Non-profits such as Camp Susan Curtis and schools across Maine are financially stretched, so this partnership is especially vital.

Through partnerships like this one, we can combine our resources to ensure that all children have opportunities to flourish. Kennebec Valley Consolidated Schools has demonstrated that every child matters.

Melissa L. Cilley, executive director

Camp Susan Curtis


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