This is in regards to the recent Morning Sentinel story about Hector Fuentes, a Waterville restaurateur (“Neighbors stand by owner of Cancun,” Aug. 22).

The article stated that Fuentes, accused by federal agents of harboring and hiring illegal immigrants, is eligible for a second trial because of a racial slur by a juror.

I find it very interesting that he and his attorneys are so sensitive to anything race-related, since Fuentes allegedly has been mistreating his own people for profit.

Also, I’m rather surprised local restaurant owners and business people are so quick to defend Fuentes, merely because he “smiles a lot” and lets them borrow “lemons and avocados.” Apparently, if a person has a smile, spare vegetables and plenty of ice, then it doesn’t matter if he harbors illegal aliens and squeezes them all into a tiny space.

I can’t understand how someone indicted for hiring and harboring illegals can be considered an asset to any community. He may have a great smile, but that doesn’t excuse him from breaking a federal law.

Patricia J. Gonzales


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