I am writing to address the deplorable and disgraceful condition of Section R at the Veterans Cemetery in Augusta. I arrived in July from North Carolina and found the area dug up because of the headstone restoration project.

That was understandable, but still, why was no American flag displayed?

I visited my parents’ site in Section R on Aug. 24 and found it overgrown with weeds 3-6 inches tall. Many of the stones are completely covered over. I had to dig with my shoe to uncover a partial stone.

The condition of this cemetery is a disgrace to the veterans and their families. My father, Robert Umberger Sr. of West Rockport, flew 31 bomb missions during World War II. He also served 37 years with the Maine Forest Service. My mother gave many years to the USO and has a special memorial bench on site.

They chose this cemetery as their final resting place because of the perpetual care and beautiful upkeep. Dad loved the green grass and magnificent trees, as I am sure other veterans did.

This is blatant neglect and should be corrected immediately. My three brothers and I visited many veterans cemeteries with our parents in numerous states. Before this trip, we never left one feeling sad and angry.

Susan J. Umberger

Tabor City, N.C.

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