I recently saw the movie, “The Butler,” which is primarily about the civil rights movement in the 1950s and ’60s. I felt sick, watching how the black people were treated in those days.

After the movie, I asked myself, “Who are the black people today? Who do we ostracize? Who do we consider second-class citizens?”

I believe the answer is the gays and lesbians. We treat them just like black people were treated. We have not yet learned the lesson of civil rights.

Straight people should remember that they could have been gay or lesbian. When the egg and sperm came together to form a human being, a spirit entered that union. If it was a female spirit and the fetus developed into a male body, it was trapped there for the life of that body. It is not God’s fault. It is the human condition, thanks to Adam and Eve.

I think we all should be more compassionate to those who seem different.

Shirley G. Aube