We should all take a long hard look at the town’s proposal to buy The Cabins at China Lake.

All of the ideas that have been in the paper sound great, but at what expense?

With everything they propose, we will need full-time employees (I don’t see it running on volunteers; ask any organization that runs on volunteers). To pay those employees, we’ll need to increase taxes. Can we afford more taxes? I know I can’t.

I don’t think the local police officer will be on rounds, since the full-time job means he or she won’t be available.

The state police and Kennebec Sheriff’s deputies cover a large area and won’t be right here .

The list of cons for doing this go on and on, so just take a few minutes and think long and hard about all the wonderful things they write. It sounds like the perfect world, but we all know we do not live in a perfect world. What I see is a huge chunk of money being spent for something that will continue to drain our pocket books with higher taxes every year.

Do we really need this? We can all vote how we feel in November.

Susan White


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