The decision on whether to attack Syria is not about the Syrian civil war or either side being moral upstanding human beings. It is about the use of weapons of mass destruction and about what the U.S. as sole superpower (with assistance from like-minded countries) is willing to do to prevent the use of WMD.

The Iranians are watching this closely and calculating whether we would attack them to stop their nuclear program. If we are not willing to act in Syria, then we are also unlikely to act against Iran.

Israel is also watching. If they determine we will not act to stop Iran, then they will. But Israel cannot prevent Iran from retaliating by closing the straits of Hormuz, where a large part of the world’s oil transits. Only the U.S. can keep those straits open.

In order to keep the oil flowing (and keep the price of oil below $200-plus per barrel) we would have to invade Iran. An invasion of Iran (the size of Alaska, with 75 million people) will take several hundred thousand troops and make Iraq/Afghanistan look like a cake walk. We might even have to start up the draft.

This is why I say we must attack Syria now.

Alan Tibbetts


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