I read an article the other day that was very insulting to me and millions of other people who receive Social Security.

Former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming, a Republican, compared us to teats on a milk cow and said we were a greedy bunch of people. I don’t know if Simpson ever paid into Social Security, but I worked for more than 40 years and paid for my Social Security insurance. Does this make me greedy?

My Social Security payments along with the other working millions were safely tucked away in an interest-bearing account for decades until he and others like him decided to raid it for favors and votes, basically turning it into a Ponzi scheme. I bet Bernie Madoff is very proud for Simpson’s scam.

I pay for my health benefits. Will Simpson think I’m greedy if I have to collect on my insurance?

We have to go to the polls in 2014 to get people who think like Simpson out of office. If we don’t, we will be in big trouble.

Carol Roux


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