I was dismayed by the tone and focus of the paper’s negative piece about Team Hall-Dale and all the controversy surrounding its fundraising.

It seemed to me that this article was an intentional hit piece on our city and some of its citizens.

Hallowell is a very friendly city where I have lived and been deeply involved in community affairs for almost 30 years.

I was shocked to read about some people — identified by name — who were called “haters.” I know all of them and have worked closely with them over the years.

In every case, I found them to be exemplary citizens and concerned about our community.

Hallowell is a wonderful and unique city that is very accepting to a wide range of people. It is sad that your paper looks for the dirt and the slime to paint our city.

It seems as if it is an attempt to sow hate and discontent in Hallowell.

Larry Davis


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