I’m going to make this letter short and not so sweet. I — and the rest of America, I bet — am getting sick and tired of politics.

While watching the president’s latest speech in Washington, I was ready to upchuck.

The president was using the latest shooting to push his agenda on gun control. He said the majority of Americans wanted more done in regards to background checks.

While I don’t dispute this, why is it then that he does not recognize the fact that most Americans do not want Obamacare?

He uses what the people want only when it suits him and what he wants.

Well, I always thought that the way this country worked was majority rules, not only when it works for the president or when it will get him — or any politician, for that matter — more votes.

It’s time for all politicians to start doing what’s good for the country and its people and not what’s good for them or the party they represent.

Maybe we should do away with the two-party system. It doesn’t work, anyway. Everyone should be independent and run on their own beliefs, with no party to answer to. What a dream, huh?

David Hayward


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