The debate about Obamacare has been lacking in reason and nauseatingly familiar in form and substance. Emotion seems to dominate the debate, not fact or logic.

All the while, the public sits watching the spectacle of political combat. While to some political junkies this is entertainment, there’s no real attempt to address the problem of mounting health care costs, reduced access and far too much suffering.

A system that rewards doctors for visits and testing rather the slow, methodical process of evaluation, analysis and therapy is clearly not a system grounded in improving health and quality of life.

Our system of health care delivery, however, has devolved into a simple profit/loss model, and we are paying more and more for increasingly worse health care.

I was actually looking forward to Ted Cruz speaking against Obamacare because I thought we might hear a better solution. I knew Cruz’s veiled filibuster would no doubt be political theatrics, but I thought it offered the perfect forum for the tea party’s undeclared leader to lay out an alternative.

Alas, however, he went on and on and on with the worn out rhetoric of hate and discontent, highlighting his turn on the national soapbox by reading Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham.”


It’s unfortunate that affordability of and access to health care are not problems senators suffer under.

Those funding the Cruzes of America don’t have these issues, otherwise, we’d have solutions on the table.

I accept that Obamacare is not the best solution to our exceedingly broken system. That said, however, I have not seen anyone else offer a solution that even makes an attempt at controlling costs and assuring access.

Can’t we do better than “Green Eggs and Ham”?

Steve Ball


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