I don’t understand Republicans. Do they really think they are “saving the American people” by shutting down the government and whacking the economy?

They don’t like Obamacare. Well, boo-hoo. Why don’t they just work to fix the parts they don’t like? They could propose a bill that allows insurance to be sold across state lines, forces healthcare providers to disclose prices publicly, and, for good measure, adds some tort reform. Competition decreases costs.

Republicans have lied to seniors about Obamacare’s effect on Medicare, as evidenced by the fact that many seniors think their Medicare premiums will increase under the new program. Well, I was surprised to learn from watching the Senate debate, that defunding Obamacare will cause many seniors to lose their Medicare Advantage plans and free annual check-ups, the opposite of what people believe.

So why are Maine Republicans, including Susan Collins, allowing that megalomaniac Ted Cruz, with his messiah complex, dictate strategy?

Angus King was the lone Maine voice of reason and thoughtfulness in the Senate debate: The Affordable Care Act is a moral issue. Make it work.

Gail Nye

Belgrade Lakes

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