Where are the police after midnight on Saturday evenings when I am walking home from work?

I would so like to know. I often see them in their cars waiting oh so patiently for people to get into their vehicles and attempt to drive home intoxicated. The cops are right there then, but where are they for those of us who walk home from work late at night? Nowhere to be found.

Police are sworn to serve and protect. Were they protecting me tonight? I was more than a bit scared walking home this evening when I passed by two groups of intoxicated men. It could have been a disaster, but I saw not one police cruiser drive down Western Avenue while I was heading home.

I think Waterville police officers should watch the streets late at night for those of us who walk home after working at the downtown restaurants and stores. It would help us feel safer on our way home.

Ronica Jurdak


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