The Oct. 14 editorial from the Tuscaloosa (Ala) News, “Venezuela finds U.S. a handy scapegoat,” struck home with me.

About a year ago, many of C.N. Brown’s Big Apple stores changed their gas brand to Citgo, which is owned by the government of Venezuela. Up to that point, I had been a loyal customer, but I could not in good conscience support the ultra-left reign of Venezuela’s then-president Hugo Chavez, so I started buying my gasoline elsewhere.

As a believer in America and as a disabled Navy veteran, I find it abhorrent that a Maine company would financially back the anti-American dictatorships of Chavez and his successor, Nicholas Manduro. I urge all Maine people to not buy Citgo products.

Even if gas at Big Apple is a few pennies cheaper, it is not worth the difference by helping maintain a regime that has absolutely no respect for America.

Bill Crowley

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