While shopping at a local department store recently, I was struggling with two very large boxes while still trying to manage my oxygen.

As I approached a woman and her teenage son, I asked if her son could assist me to the checkout lane. She directed her son to put the boxes in their carriage and help me to the checkout.

Not only did he do this, but the boy also obligingly walked with me to my car and loaded the boxes inside. He then followed me back into the store to return my electric cart and asked if he could help walk me back to my car.

I said no because he already had done enough.

What a wonderful young man. How wrong we are to generalize about our young people and their inadequacies. This young man received many accolades from me, a 78-year-old man, for assisting a senior citizen in a time of need.

This young man had a place in my prayers. I am sure God was watching and will reward him accordingly.

Reginald J. Michaud

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