After attending several meetings regarding China’s purchase of The Cabins property on Lakeview Drive for the purpose of turning it into a public beach, I feel compelled to share my opinion.

My husband and I purchased a home in this community three years ago without the knowledge that about 85 percent of the town’s residents have no access to the lake for any type of recreation. This was quite a shock to us since we thought we could enjoy retirement in a vacation-type of environment without traveling a long distance.

The situation of no-lake access for all China citizens can now be resolved by voting yes on Nov. 5.

During the meetings I’ve attended, I have heard many opinions, both positive and negative, about the purchase. It is understandable that people want answers to their questions and concerns regarding tax issues, security issues, how will it be policed and many more. Both the Board of Selectman and the Lake Association Committee members have done a commendable job in bringing answers and information to the people, but many cannot be answered fully until China owns the property.

How can we claim to be a vacation land and expect our community to progress if we cannot at least offer all China taxpayers access to China Lake, something only 15 percent have now. It is time to vote yes to purchase this property.

Karene Tripodi

South China

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