People are drawn to water. They hold waterfront property as far more valuable than any other. Even just a view of water raises the value of a home.

Here in China, it is common for folks to park along the causeway, just gazing at the lake. Being near water is a universal craving shared by all humanity.

All residents contribute some of their tax dollars to improve water quality and inspect boats for milfoil. We all pay, but only 15 percent of residents have access to the lake.

Now, after working long and hard to locate a property for our citizens, something the town voted as a high priority, the China Lake Access Feasibility Committee has presented us with a nearly ideal spot.

Two presentations have been given to address questions and concerns. People who missed the meetings can go to the town’s website, where many of the points are covered. If a question isn’t answered there, a committee member or the town manager will answer it.

A lot of misinformation is being spread to scare residents away from this wonderful opportunity. Many of those most vocal about what a bad idea the  town beach is are people who own lakeshore property.

One letter writer said he was pitied for living on the lake. If only we could all be so pitied. One man suggested “if they want to swim they should put in a pool.” Well, most young families can’t afford such luxury.

This beach can be a dream come true if we work as a community, not a few “haves” and many “have nots.” I’ll vote yes so every young family that can’t afford a private pool can bring their kids to play in the water, laugh in the sun and fulfill that craving we all share.

Kathy Brownell


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