I would like share my view about some of the points being made about the property China is considering purchasing. I grew up in Winthrop, with a town beach and park, and would like to see the same for families in China.

Increase in taxes: It’s my understanding that no one’s taxes can go up, unless the Select Board votes to do so, and only with the vote of residents at the annual town meeting. Every resident has a voice before and during town meetings to say how and where their tax dollars are spent.

No plan for the property: While the China Lake Access Feasibility Committee can make suggestions about how to best to use the property, it is not up to the committee to make those decisions or plans. It will be up to the China Select Board, and I am confident selectmen will do what is in the best interest of the town’s people.

We don’t need lake access: Well, that’s true. We also don’t “need” cell phones, microwave ovens or even indoor plumbing. This is all about our quality of life in China and enjoying living our lives, in our home town.

The lake is too distressed: Be assured, we all have a relationship with the lake and it’s what makes China special, providing opportunities other communities would love to have available. How many people would turn their back on their spouse or child because they were diagnosed with a curable affliction?

I heartily feel this is a great opportunity for the families in town, and like the benefit of indoor plumbing and microwave ovens, once we have enjoyed what this property has to offer, I believe we will never want to be without it again.

Dale Worster


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