When we get into a vehicle and start driving, we know there is always the risk that we might not reach our destination safely.

Route 139 from Unity to Fairfield can be a dangerous highway. I have seen people pass on double lines, curves, even hills, and at a higher speed than the posted limit.

Last week, I was headed west to Waterville and observed a vehicle coming toward me, passing a big-rig on a double line. I slowed down to about 30 mph and would have gone into the ditch, if necessary.

I’m a native Mainer and have been driving since June 1956. My driving record is completely clean. This includes living and traveling to teach in Texas for 32-plus years. If you’ve ever driven on those five and six lane super highways, you have indeed an experience to remember!

On Oct. 14, Route 139 was closed because of a fatal accident. It was reported that a man might have been distracted by a dog in his vehicle and he crossed the center lane and collided head-on with another vehicle.

My suggestion is for everyone who travels this Route 139 to be especially careful. Please be alert and not allow distractions from animals or passengers in vehicles while driving. Slow down and obey the laws. Those highway markings are for all of us. Use some good ol’ common sense behind the wheel. If you can’t do this, stay off the road.

Glenda Huard


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