At this point, this is probably spilled milk but maybe it should be considered for future road projects. 

Several months ago, the city of Augusta embarked on an ambitious project to install natural gas pipelines throughout the city. It has caused many detours, delays and, in some cases, road closures. I admit this is necessary for the project and applaud the benefits this will aid the environment in years to come.

My issue is with these detours, delays and road closures and how they were handled. We had no announcements of delays or detours, and didn’t know about them until we drove into them. If we learned from the day before not to take a route to work, we turned right into another one.

My suggestion for future projects would be to put up a website where commuters could map their route for the next day by looking at street construction. This would benefit commuters today, as natural gas will in the future.

Norman Barney


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