I have a crazy idea, which with such a divided government, may not be so crazy anymore.

Texas has long talked about succession from the Union. Maybe we (the nation) should allow one of our states to have its rights back as our Founding Fathers envisioned under the Constitution. No sane person would ever want to let the nation divide, but I would argue that by letting Texas pay limited federal taxes and freeing it from the federal top-down approach other than military duties, this would promote freedom.

Texas (which I’m using as a example) should be free from all federal regulations, including health care, schools and even the Environmental Protection Agency. This would open the doors for freedom throughout the nation not only for Texas but also for all United States’ citizens, as we’d be able to move and live in a free state.

Our Founding Fathers gave the federal government very limited powers under the Constitution, and federal government has used the power of the purse to force states to do its bidding. The states were supposed to be a melting pot of independent governments acting as a grand experiment to find out which state government worked the best for the people.

This was supposed to ensure freedom, and people could move from one state to another if one state became too repressive. The system fails, however, when the federal government controls the states to the degree it does today.

I don’t realistically believe this would happen, but would like people to consider why their freedoms are being taken from them and there seems to be no way to escape a overbearing federal government.

John Hopkins


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