This letter is written to urge the residents of China to vote no on Nov. 5 on the purchase of The Cabins, formerly known as Candlewood Lodge.

The Lake Access Feasibility Committee has been given the task of finding a beach, but why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when the town already owns several areas on the lake?

This purchase could cost taxpayers up to a million dollars. I wonder how many people in town swim and would benefit from this huge expenditure.

Taxpayers need to ask if this money could be used for something more beneficial to more residents. Do we want to be burdened with a debt of this size — not only for the purchase, but unknown future costs and maintenance? Other towns have found that unsupervised, uncontrolled parks such as this become areas for unwelcome activities.

Everyone who disagrees with this purchase needs to vote no on Nov. 5

Dianne Higgins


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