The Augusta Board of Education policy committee met recently and agreed to an interpretation change in existing policy that will result in community groups being able to distribute fliers to students. 

This is good news for families who are trying to find fun, educational and athletic programs for their kids.

It is good for the Augusta Recreation Department and Little League, which saw dramatic decreases in the number of children signing up for their programs when they were prevented from distributing fliers.

It is good news for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because more children will be able to learn more about the character-building programs of Scouting. It is also good for the schools.

The discussion at the policy meeting allowed parents and volunteer youth leaders to see the challenges that the schools face in this complex world.

It was an important discussion to be had, and I urge the full School Committee to adopt the new policy that allows these valuable community groups to continue to distribute fliers about their programs.

Chuck Mahaleris


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