Both political parties are disgusting right now. The career politicians need to go. They are the ones who are responsible for the mess this country is in. They keep “kicking the can down the road,” they don’t solve much of anything, they take the easy way out. Let’s just keep putting the debt ceiling higher. Not very long from now this country is going to be bankrupt. This administration has grossly exacerbated the problem.

The forecast by some economic experts is that the debt will have doubled before this president leaves office. As of the last week or so, I have heard that this administration has increased the debt by 57 percent, and increased by 89.3 percent the amount owed to our treasury. That certainly is quite a legacy for one president. We need some fresh new young blood in political office, maybe with some economic background.

I was not impressed with how the Democrats put in all the pork barrel items in the bill to reopen the government benefiting both Democrats and Republicans, spending millions and millions of dollars for a few states. Rather ridiculous on how the nearly $18 trillion debt looked at one point this afternoon.


Sheila GibbsWinthrop

Augusta and Waterville news

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