I am the mother to three rough and tumble, friendly boys. I never imagined any of them would be bullied. But when one of my sons started kindergarten this year he told me how he was being pushed, punched and screamed at on the bus.

I called the vice principal and she had him point out the kids doing this. A week later, it was still happening. Another call to the vice principal and she directed me to the busing department where I was told my son’s assigned seat would be moved.

Well it wasn’t moved, and the bullying continued. I thought everything was fine; each day he’d tell me, “I’m good, mama. I just sit there and be quiet.”

A few weeks later, a friend told me she had learned that my son was still being punched. I asked my son, and he told me he was being punched so hard that his head was banging against the windows, hair pulled, ears pulled.

Also, his bus has 65 kids and 68 seats, 3 kids to a seat. Why are there no bus monitors?

More phone calls and persistence from my husband and I, and hopefully we’ve taken care of the problem. If it wasn’t for my friend’s son telling her what was happening, this bullying would be still going on.

My question is, do your children know what to do if they are being bullied? Do they know what to do if they see someone else being bullied? Talk to them about bullying.

Jesse MorrisWaterville

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