Do the taxpaying voters of the town of China know that the town owns the lakefront property from the China Baptist Church, across the Causeway and down Lakeview Drive to the property of Rachel Bourque?

I recently measured this with a GPS. It is in excess of 1,750 feet long by at least 50 feet wide. When the water is lowered where it should be in the fall, there is a natural beach that I would estimate to be 200 to 250 feet long. It has a boat landing, swim area and fishing area. How much more lake access does the town need?

We also have the China Four Seasons Club, which is a privately owned nonprofit organization. Any resident can get a membership for $25 for their family and their guests to use at any time. The club has a 75-foot sand beach and a clubhouse.

The Feasibility Committee also wants to use the park at Candlewood for a community park. The town already has Thurston Park, containing 377 acres. The town is spending $43,000 on that park to build a road and walking trails.

Total cost to buy Candlewood: more than $1.1 million; future cost: unknown.

Total cost to buy Head of Lake: $0; future cost: clean up shore

The town has closed the causeway several times for special events (i.e. China Days), which could continue to happen or close except for emergency vehicles only.

Candlewood is neither feasible nor affordable. Head of Lake is both very feasible and very affordable

I urge others to join me on Tuesday and vote no on buying Candlewood.

Robert A. FletcherChina

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