I feel it’s important to weigh in on the purchase of The Cabins in China. I have listened, and now I go on record supporting the purchase.

This is a long-term investment the town should capitalize on. Those of us elected to the select board are, in my opinion, unanimous in our resolve that we won’t let the purchase raise taxes. As long as I’m there, I will fight with all I have to ensure this.

Is there a detailed plan of what it will look like? No. Do we have all the answers? No. Does the committee have a vision? Yes.

Many residents think this will waste the town’s money, and there may be some problems with the property. I ask voters to look at the many positives this purchase could bring. If approved, residents should get involved in the implementation phase and use their voices constructively.

I want China to become more than just a sleepy little town. I want to see China as a place where families want to come live; a place that they can find everything they need to enjoy their time in The Friendliest Town in Maine.

I think we have a dedicated group of town leaders and a very passionate and dedicated committee that have everyone’s best interest in mind while making decisions.

I want residents to have the confidence that we will not do anything that will hurt this town, or raise their taxes. I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me this is going to be a boon for China, but I feel really good about the potential, and I hope residents will support the purchase of this beautiful piece of property by voting yes.

Steve HughesChina selectman

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